Exam Support Packs

Exam Season can be a time of anxiety, pressure, self- doubt and distress for our young adults, more so this year than before.

As a parish we try to provide support each year by asking, in particular, the Year 12, 13 & 14 students and 3rd level students to sign up to our Exam Buddies initiative in the Church Porch. In this way we can provide a few resources to take home, and a promise of pray support at this time.

However due to the unusual circumstances this year, parents are invited to request an Exam Support Pack, which will be delivered to your door. There will be a limited number of packs. Each pack will contain study tips, mental well-being literature with practical tips, prayers and refreshments.

To receive support pack(s) please email the parish office with your home address and name of your young adult(s)-