The Short Read Club

The Short Read’ Club is held on Wednesday from 7.30pm – 8.30pm once a month via zoom.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at 7.30pm

  • Cultural, Spiritual, Literary discussions take place, based on articles/extracts from publications.
  • Access to the materials can be provided to the reader via email, or hard copy found in the church porch.
  • You can also make your own contribution to the reading materials for the group.

Interest may be registered via the parish email address:  or by texting:  07879 498 131

Stories for Wednesday 20th July 2022

Please find attached the materials for discussion, based on the Irish Civil War

Attachment 1 – Introduction

an introduction to Elizabeth Bowden’s writings – 

(1) “The Arrival of Mr & Mrs Montgomery” & 

(2) an extract from “The Last September”

Attachment 2. WB Yeats : 

(1) 3 poems by WB Yeats; 

(2) a reflection by William Wall on the painting by Sean Keating, ‘An Allegory’ – please see the next attachment with a much clearer image of the painting; 

(3) an extract from Frank O’Connor’s short story “The Big Fellow”

Attachment 3 –  Image of the painting ‘An Allegory’ by Sean Keating

Attachment 4. The CIGS : 

Report on the former Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Henry Wilson’s assassination

Stories for Wednesday 15th June 2022

We will read together, and reflect on THE ENEMY WITHIN by Brian Friel ACT 2 & 3. An imaginative account of a short period in St Colmcille’s 34 years of voluntary exile. Please find attached.

Stories for Wednesday 18th May 2022

Attached for you is “THE ENEMY WITHIN” – ACT ONE, with a couple of related resources. Please read in advance of the next meeting. We will not read the play at the meeting. Copies will be available in the Church porch next week.

Stories for Wednesday 6th April 2022

The March meeting of the Short Read Club is postponed to WEDNESDAY 6th APRIL.  The materials to be discussed will be those already circulated for the FEBRUARY MEETING – Edna O’Brien : Sister Imelda, Claire Keegan : Men & Women, Elizabeth Bowden : Her Table Spread, Mary Lavin : The New Gardener; One Evening; In the Middle of the Fields and one additional story by Julia O’Faolain, ‘First Conjunction’ which is attached below.

Julia O’Fao lain : First Conjunction 

Stories for Wednesday 16th February 2022

The discussions will be based on short stories and short extracts from novels written by Irish Women authors Mary Lavin, Elizabeth Bowen, Edna O’Brien and Claire Keegan. Also attached is an Introduction to Mary Lavin by Colm Toibin.

Mary Lavin

Elizabeth Bowen

Edna O’Brien

Claire Keegan

Stories for Wednesday 12th January 2022

We hope to discuss tales with a twist / a sting in the tale / an unexpected ending. If you can source such a short story, please send your contribution to Fr Tony / Parish Office by WEDNESDAY 8TH DECEMBER (the early deadline is to ensure that you receive copies of the stories in good time, to prepare for our next meeting). It was suggested at the recent meeting, that the website Classic Short Stories would be of some help, as it provides an excellent cross section of short stories for you to read online. Click on the link.

The short stories below are from Guy de Maupassant, Frank O’Connor, AN Wilson, Brian Moore and Roald Dahl. You will find copies on the table in the Church Porch.

Stories for Wednesday 24th November 2021

The theme of this meeting is Emigration. Attached are four short stories to read, for the discussion. Authors this month are Peig Sayers, Evelyn Conlon and Alistair MacLeod. Copies are available to pick up now in the Church Porch.

Stories for Wednesday 27th October 2021

Below are other examples of short stories that have been previously discussed or shared: