The purpose of the website is to give every member of our parish family information about the various groups and organisations in the parish, what they do, where and when they meet and whom to contact for more information about them.

The parish and its various structures are at the service of the people.  It is within the context of the parish that people experience Church, listen to God’s Word and answer their call to holiness.

All of us will have the opportunity to use our gifts and talents as a family community to address the needs of our times and shape a parish which has a place for everyone in its heart.

St. Colmcille’s Parish is blessed with people who have vision and an enriched sense of community.  This can be seen in our relationships with other Churches in the area and in the spiritual and social mix which takes place in the life of the parish.

Parish Organisations

In order to make it easier to find out about the organisations within our Parish, we have divided them into 3 groups, Parish Pastoral Council and it’s Committees, Parish Finance Committees, Religious Groups and Organisations and Social Groups and Organisations. Follow the links to find out more.